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OxiClean Multipurpose Outdoor Cleaner

Our superconcentrate comes in a 6 oz bottle but is exactly the same as our 1-gallon bottle! It takes up very little space and can be made into a gallon with tap water. Just like the gallon jug concentrate, it makes up to 4 gallons.

OxiClean Multipurpose Outdoor Cleaning Superconcentrate

Coverage Guide Based on Dilution (after making 1 gallon):

  • 4:1 makes 5 gallons and covers 1,500 sq ft​

  • 3:1 makes 4 gallons and covers 1,200 sq ft​

  • 2:1 makes 3 gallons and covers 900 sq ft​

  • 1:1 makes 2 gallons and covers 600 sq ft

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